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Alek's Music Site
Alek's Music Site
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photo by Travis Tanner

Alek Vila is a creative designer who began his graphics career with a solid foundation of love for communication and art. He is educated at a graduate level with an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and has accumulated a diverse range of life experiences over the last decade.

Alek has designed a wide variety of art pieces for film and television movie sets. These include logos, vehicle graphics, posters, brochures, etc. Alek has also helped major recruitment advertising agencies serve their clients with effective ad campaigns as both freelance art director and full-time production artist. In addition, Alek has helped several independent business owners with design and helpful advice on market positioning and branding.

Wearing many hats, Alek has the ability to see beauty in life and to share this beauty with others. He brings his intuition, expertise and vision to all projects, great or small.

Learn more about Alek's marketing perspective.
Download this essay about finding your target market:
"The Circle of Needs" by Alek Vila (308K pdf) or view the html version.