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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and Answers
  1. I'd like a new logo for my business. How much will this cost?
  2. How can I keep my expenses down?
  3. Can you make a flyer for my party or concert?
  4. How much does it cost to have a web site designed?
  5. Do you offer web site maintenance?
  6. I live in "______"... can you work with me long distance?
  7. I'm starting a new business. Can you help me?


Q: I'd like a new logo for my business. How much will this cost?

For logo design, expect a minimum of 3 hours of work (please check my rates table). Most logos are finished with complete client satisfaction within 5 hours of my time. Sometimes arriving at a finished design takes longer. This depends on a variety of factors (see next question).

I work in stages:

  1. We start with a free consultation (on the phone or in person), and I'll ask a lot of questions. The goal is to help me start off in the preferred direction. If you a have a style-guide, samples of your previous work, and samples of work you admire, now is the time to present them.
  2. When I'm ready to proceed, I put in one hour of design time. I approach each job according to the project needs. If you require an illustration or cartoon, I may start with pencil sketching. Then, I'll scan them and email them to you. Other times, I may do font research or create lettering from scratch.
  3. If things are going smoothly, we'll take one path and work with it. This may involve tracing the sketch in the computer to create vector art. Again, each project is different. At this point, I'll try to put in as little time as possible between revisions. I want you to have as much influence as possible.
  4. Once we have a finished logo that works in black-and-white, we'll work with color. Again, the process might be different for your project.
  5. Our finished logo works in all the ways in can be used. Usually this means full color (or limited color) and black-and-white as well as large and small variations (usually scalable line art).


Q: How can I keep my expenses down?

I work fast and deliver quality results. Your satisfaction will depend on how well you are able to communicate what you are looking for and how well you know your market. The well-prepared client saves money.

I offer a free estimate (not a bid) based on your specs and how much you seem to know what you want. Important considerations: How many people are making the final decision? How well do the decision-makers understand the business goals and the target market?

Factors that affect the bottom line:

  1. ability to communicate the desired effect;
  2. decision by committee and flip-flopping/changing minds;
  3. lack of strategy, self-confidence or market research.


Q: Can you make a flyer for my party or concert?

Yes. It's fun to design flyers. I just need to know a few things...

  • Exactly what should the flyer say?
  • Do you have photos to include?
  • The exact size of the finished product.
  • Single-side or double-sided?
  • Will the graphics go all the way to the edge of the flyer (this is called a "bleed") or will there be a white (blank) border?
  • How and where will you print the flyer?

If you're having it professionally printed, I'll need to talk to them and find out what kind of paper and print process they're using. Please talk to your printer and get a price from them to print the flyers at the quantity you desire and with the color limitations (i.e. - black & white, 1-color, 2-color, full color). You'll also need to know whether or not you can afford full bleed or borders (see #6). Once you have agreed on a price with your printer, get the name of the person you spoke with and a contact phone number for me to call. Send that to me, and I'll confirm the details with the printer so I can deliver the file they want in the proper format.

My design rate will be totally cheap if you're well prepared, because I won't have to go back-and-forth making revisions to suit the printer. As an added bonus, you'll get your flyer done right the first time.


Q: How much does it cost to have a web site designed?

For estimating the cost of building a web site, think: 1 hr. design = 1 web page (see rates table). Add extra hours for the overall graphic design: I'd say 4 to 8 hours for the graphics work. You can use this for general estimating purposes. Actual costs will be more or less depending on the complexity of your web pages.

Are you prepared to pay for attention to detail? Quality web sites are effective because they are easy to navigate, accessible to the blind, p3p compliant, compatible with commonly used web browsers, forward-compatible, and likely to rank highly on search engines.

You can always start with a simple site or a splash page and grow it into your dream site over time.

Before I get started, I will ask you for a lot of information. What do you want to say? Who's going to write the text? Who's going to take the photos? I will ask for as much art and information as possible. I will ask about your goals.

Other factors (custom requirements):

  1. shopping cart/e-commerce
  2. flash animation
  3. mailing list
  4. guestbook
  5. event calendars
  6. searchbox

Constant revisions will blow the budget out of the sky. Keep the number of revisions down through carefully planning and communication. Make an outline that lists every single page and it's content including text, photos and links desired. Add special notes on interactivity or design preferences.

Remember that you have to buy a domain name and sign up with a hosting service. These services have ongoing costs and have nothing to do with site design and site maintenance.

When you're ready and have the funds to get started, send your outline on over. Since web site design is an involved process, I will require a deposit before I start working on your project.

To help you get started, download this questionnaire.


Q: Do you offer web site maintenance?

Yes. I am happy to maintain your site for you. I don't require this from my web design customers; however, I'm happy to offer the option to you at a very reasonable price. I charge for maintenance at the standard rates in 1/4 hour increments based on the time I put in. I'll wait to bill you until when have reached a minimum of one hour (or every six months - whichever comes first). By the way, I don't promise to be available for site maintenance forever, but I'm happy to do it as long as possible. I'll always respond as quickly as possible to any requests for site maintenance.


Q: I live in "______"... can you work with me long distance?

Yes. I do it all the time. If we don't know each other, I'll ask for a deposit (50%) after we have agreed on an estimate. I love the idea of working with different people from around the world!


Q: I'm starting a new business. Can you help me?

Besides being a designer, I have an MBA graduate degree in Entrepreneurship/Marketing. I'm happy to offer my services as a new business consultant (use the rates table). The road is going to be a lot smoother if know what you want from a logo, web site or even a business name if you have a clear marketing strategy.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact Alek directly.